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Dr. Tobias Röhnelt
Managing Partner at KSP Rechtsanwälte

Digital debt collection - With the benefit of a lawyer

KSP Rechtsanwälte is Germany's leading law firm for debt collection - the extrajudicial and judicial collection of debts - as well as one of the leading law firms in the conduct of legal mass litigation - with around 450 employees and over 60 years of experience.


Whether classic or modern subscription models, debt collection is about the successful continuation of the customer journey. With our successful formula "lawyer + technology", we positively resolve the tension between collection success and individual customer needs. The interplay of legal processing quality and an intelligent, digital workflow enables us to offer our clients (bulk) debt collection with the greatest possible collection success, which at the same time focuses on the individual needs of the debtor. This is what we call debt collection with the benefit of a lawyer.plus.

Many well-known corporations rely on the solutions and expertise of KSP Rechtsanwälte.

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Dr. Tobias Röhnelt
Managing Partner

Specialist lawyer for copyright and media law
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Manager Business Development
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